Medical Advisory Board

As our national conversation on health continues, The Health Coach Radio Show maintains close ties with thought leaders in the medical and scientific community. After seven years, many doctors and scientists have emerged to have relationships with the show that are helpful by providing advice, appearing as guests, keeping us abreast of the latest scientific research, and acting as communication experts to medical professional associations, government agencies and more. The medical experts and professionals below have chosen to formalize their relationship with our show at our request. They represent an all-star team of leaders in their respective fields who will help us make the best information available to our audience.

Medical Advisory Board Members


Joe Morgan, DO, ABHIM

Board –Certified in Ophthalmology and Holistic Medicine





Margaret Graeter, RD, LDN

Registered Dietitian




Satish Mohan, ND

Board-Certified in Naturopathic Medicine



Dr. Jim Diesen

Chiropractic Physician