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New Ways to Improve Anxiety

Jamie From Michigan Writes:

My doctor recently diagnosed me with anxiety. She wants to put me on some of the basic medications but I really don’t know if that is what I want to do. Is there anything that you know of that can help? My life is stressful and I want to be able to cope. Thanks in advance.

Dear Jamie,

Super Nutrient That Reduces Heart Attack, Diabetes, Migraines, and More

Anne Marie From South Dakota writes:

I am 37 and have recently been diagnosed with pre-diabetes. My doctor says to change my diet and it might help. I also am constantly dealing with migraines a few times per month. Could any of this be related to my eating habits?

Dear Anne Marie,

Are You Getting Enough of This Essential Vitamin?

James from Wisconsin Writes:

The cold weather has set in where I live. I am concerned about keeping my immune system strong over the winter. What steps should I take to increase my immune system? 

Dear James,

Do Our Lifestyle Choices Lengthen Our Life?

Jillian From New Mexico writes:

I am 63 and have been looking for ways to slow the aging process. I keep hearing about genetics being affected by our environment. Can you please explain if we can control our lifespan by our lifestyle choices? 


Dear Jillian,

Cancer Super Foods

Noelle from Denver, CO writes:

My mother just got diagnosed with breast cancer and my father has dealt with prostate cancer. I want to help them learn to eat better and have a better lifestyle. Outside of their medical treatment, what can they do?

Hi Noelle,

New Natural Ways To Improve Cholesterol

Sarah from Orlando, FL Writes:

I am 54 and have been dealing with high cholesterol for over ten years. My doctor has me on a statin medication. I do need to lose some weight. What can I do to help lower my cholesterol naturally?

Dear Sarah,

Foods That Increase and Sustain Massive Energy Levels

Stu from Wisconsin writes:

Over the last few months I have noticed my energy levels dropping. My doctor says that I am not anemic and my thyroid is normal. Do you have any idea what this might be? I exercise and eat well. I just can’t figure it out.

Dear Stu,

The Number 1 Fat-Loss Secret Revealed!

Kathy From Montana Writes:

I have been following your anti-inflammatory diet for over 6 months with exercise and I have already lost 47 pounds. However, I still have some fat around my belly.  Is there anything else that I can do? 

Dear Kathy,

Cooling Off The Hot Flashes

Stephanie From Nebraska Writes:

I am 49 and have just started having hot flashes. My doctor doesn’t want to put me on any hormones just yet. It’s driving me crazy! Is there anything that I can do to settle these down?


Dear Stephanie,

Hot flashes can strike at any moment when you are entering that special season of life. Many times hot flashes can be the result of underlying blood sugar issues, certain nutritional deficiencies, or thyroid dysfunction. If all of those areas have already been tested and ruled out, then there are some great ways to support your body when dealing with hot flashes. Here are some tips:

Improving Your Sleep Dilemma

Mike from South Carolina 

Sleep has been an issue for me for the last couple of years. I have been going to school, working, and supporting a family. My doctor has put me on medication, but I would like to see if there are any other options for me to improve my sleep. Can you help?

Dear Mike,


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